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Skip-the-line guided tour of Pompeii ruins with archaeologist

Join this exploration of Pompeii's ancient wonders with our Skip-the-Line Guided Tour. Led by a knowledgeable archaeologist, this immersive experience offers exclusive access to the heart of the city frozen in time.


About this tour:

2 hours
Live tour guide
Our expert guides selected for you
Personalized attention
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Free cancellation

Flexible reservation

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Guaranteed Departure

Skip the line

Avoid the waiting queues

  • Avoid annoying queues with our Skip-the-line tickets
  • Follow our expert guide through the ancient ruins of this UNESCO site
  • Discover the most iconic attractions such as the Forum, the Thermopolium, the plaster casts
  • Explore the grandeur of the Greek Theatre
  • Enjoy the visit in the morning or in the afternoon with our double tour departure

Traverse well-preserved streets and marvel at the remnants of Pompeii's vibrant life and tragic demise. Our  guide specialized in archaeology will weave tales of resilience and tragedy, bringing the captivating history of Pompeii to life.

Discover the secrets of the Large Theatre

As you step into the archaeological site, the remnants of Pompeii come alive, offering a glimpse into the vibrant daily lives of its erstwhile inhabitants. Traverse the ancient streets, once teeming with bustling energy, now frozen in time by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Our knowledgeable guides skillfully narrate tales of resilience and tragedy, breathing life into Pompeii's past.

This journey through time unfolds with each attraction revealing a unique facet of Pompeii's rich history. Stand in awe of the grandeur of the Teatro Grande (Large Theatre), an ancient amphitheater that witnessed the performance of comedies and tragedies from the Greek-Roman tradition. Envision the echoes of applause and the dramatic narratives that once reverberated within its walls.


Explore Pompeii Thermopilia and Erotic Frescoes 

As you continue your adventure in this UNESCO site you will also have the opportunity to step into the culinary world of ancient Pompeii as you explore the Thermopilia, ancient Roman "fast-food" establishments that once served as communal gathering spaces for locals. These fascinating sites provide a unique window into the dining habits and social dynamics of Pompeii's inhabitants. Imagine the lively chatter and shared meals that animated these spaces, offering insights into the community's social fabric.

Beyond showcasing the archaeological marvels, this tour delves into the profound stories woven into Pompeii's ancient walls. Wandering around the intricacies of these ancient residences, the guide will unveil the Erotic Frescoes, providing a nuanced perspective on the sensual aspects of Pompeii's culture. These vivid depictions offer a glimpse into the societal norms and artistic expressions that characterized this ancient city.


Enjoy Pompeii’s Finale with the Forum and the humas plaster casts 

Concluding the exploration of Pompeii, your journey leads to the central square, the Foro, a hub of ancient political activities. Walking through this historic space, you will picture the political discussions and activities that once defined the city. 

The tour ends with a visit to the 'Calchi dei Corpi,' plaster casts preserving the final moments of victims during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. These casts provide a detailed glimpse into the human experiences at that moment, offering a unique perspective on the historical events.


Join us for a comprehensive tour that unveils the political and human aspects of Pompeii's past, bringing history to life in every corner of this archaeological site.


Important Information

We regret to inform that this tour is not suitable for guests with wheelchairs and/or with impaired mobility and/or heart patients.
We strongly suggest good walking shoes (no flip-flops!) as well as hat and sunscreen.
Even with the skip-the-line entrance, there is still a compulsory security check which may cause some delays in entering the archeological site.
A dress code is required to enter the Pompeii Archological Park. No discorteous clothing or shirtless is allowed. Your entry will be refused if you fail to comply with these dress requirements.
No backpack, big bags (max 30X30X15) and intrusive objects are allowed and must be deposit in the clockroom.
Beware of the possible presence of stray dogs that have crossed the perimeter defences of the Archaeological Park. It is recommended to keep a distance and pay attention.
Participants must have and ID card or a valid passport.

Please note that it is not allowed:
- introduce professional optical and audio equipment (cameras, microphones, audio mixers, etc.).
- introduce unauthorised means of transportation, even electric one, bicycles, scooters and any other means of transportation.
- use drone RPA

Rain Policy

This tour runs on rain or shine.


Skip the line Pompeii ruin ticket
Professional archeologist guide
Earnphones for groups of max 5 pax
Monolingual: only in English or Spanish to preserve the quality of the tour

Meeting Point

  • Please meet our guide at Towns of Italy/Vox  Kiosk, just in front of Coffeeshop Vittoria. 

    Look for the guide holding a white sign with the logo 'Towns of Italy'.

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